Collabs? What do you mean ‘collabs’? Fancy word, isn’t it? Get comfy and read our story because our story might become part of yours.

Ofcourse we’re talking about collaboration here. Our team accepts the fact that something would rather collapse without a collabs. Might sound weird, but have you ever seen a building stand straight without a foundation? Correct, we’re getting there.

‘Collaboration is a purposeful relationship in which all parties strategically choose to cooperate in order to accomplish a shared outcome’.

In this shared outcome, Krøpp might be a piece of the whole.

At Krøpp we love hanging around with our head in the clouds, so give us a shout and let’s figure out how to become succesfull. With a certain pride we may say we already cooperate with Bar Gidon, IFBI Brussels and Fabio Jakobsen. They chose Krøpp because our team genuinely cares about their story in every aspect.

We already got a story to tell! Keen to tell us yours?

bar gidon

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