Belgian pride and Dutch dynamite

Belgian pride. Even though Belgium is a small country, we have plenty of stuff to be proud of. Hard to pick out one but thumbs up for Belgian chocolate, no? YES! French fries? YEP! Belgian beer? HELL YEAH! To be honest, we as being Krøpp, all agree on the same thing: there’s one indisputable number 1 which we call our Belgian pride. Some of you may already know the answer. CYCLING! How come we got that many Belgian top cyclists? Well, we got them fueled properly. The whole country is looking forward to the end of February, year after year. The only time of the year we almost pie/shit our pants because a toilet visit is being postponed. As a Belgian brand, we dedicate this blog to our amazing cycling culture as well as the cyclist we’re collaborating with. A collab to be proud of. Krøpp strongly believes in getting people together with a similar mindset. People who experience their sport differently. Coincidence or not, our main ambassadors is a cyclist. He is training hours and hours on the bike, and when he is not, you can probably find them in the gym. He knows what it is to wear the…

The beginning

From scratch. Martin Luther King Jr, probably one of the most inspiring speakers of all time. Bizarre start of our first blog, don’t you think so? We’re not about to discuss the civil rights. There’s one similarity though. We had and still have a dream as well. Everybody has. We decided on fulfilling ours, period. Let’s first take a brief moment to introduce ourselves. We’re four ambitious friends with years of experience as active athletes. As the years passed, we found out that the human body is capable to achieve great things, but only when the mind is at peace in it’s entirety. In this, the right apparel is a major link. And so it began. As women give birth to their baby, we gave birth to ours. KRØPP. No 9 months, but 3 months overdue instead. It took us a year of full commitment until we all agreed on launching KRØPP. As all start-ups and even already established company’s know their ups-and-downs, we certainly had and still have ours. It’s not necessarily how to act when doing great, but rather how to keep your head held high when everything goes wrong. And indeed, some days everything did go wrong.…

Krøpp Teaser - 01/10/2018

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