Who’s your favorite team? Why? Oh, because they have the most beautiful outfits? Fair enough! Admit it, we’ve all been there. At least with Krøpp you’ll be able to say: ‘been there, done that’. As former team players we know a dope outfit gives you wings. Why not combining both beauty and quality? The Krøpp team wear is distinguished by both its exclusivity and quality. Obviously you can add that unique touch you’ve always wanted. We’re here to facilitate the process and vouch an optimal service at the same time.

We also care about mother nature. She gave – and still gives us – the opportunity to exercise our favorite sports on her soil, so let’s take care of her now she needs it most. That’s why Krøpp prefers eco-friendly sportswear. Our humble way in retaining this beautiful world.

Leave the comfort zone and make sure your team/sport gets the appearance they deserve.

Ready? Your time to shine now. Your team definitely has what it takes to conquer the league. Be fearless and trust your ‘krøpp’.

Do you want to know how we work? Check out the video below and take a look behind the scenes.


Krøpp vs IFBI

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